Irish Cheesemakers

There are currently 86 cheesemakers in Ireland.  Much of the cheese by weight made in Ireland is produced by several large scale creameries owned by 14 companies, a number of them international. The cheese that they produce comprises mainly of cheddar and mozzarella (for pizzas).  The significant variety of cheeses that is produced in Ireland is in fact made by 72 artisan cheesemakers across the country.

The last major publication on Irish cheeses (click here to download  Irish Farmhouse Cheeses) produced by Bord Bia in 2010 listed 45 farmhouse cheese makers of whom 14, almost one third, have now retired or ceased production.  These have been more than replaced by a new generation of younger cheesemakers some of whom have been very adventurous in the specialist cheeses they produce.  

Of interest are the number of cheesemakers who have settled in Ireland from mainland Europe and have brought their Cheesemaking traditions with them eg Coolea and Killeen Cheeses (Holland) Carlow and Once Upon a Time (Italy), Dozio (Switzerland). Two new additions from further afield are Minas Cheese (Brasil) and Sabanero (Venezuela).

The scale of the cheesemakers differs significantly. Cashel has recently invested in a significant upgrade of their facililties to become one of the most modern and largest artisan dairies in the country.  Other cheesemakers are at the other end of the scale with just a handful of goats only producing cheese on a seasonal basis.

There are around 49 cheesemakers producing Cow’s Milk Cheese.  23 cheesemakers produce Goat’s Milk Cheese.  Only 12 make cheese from Sheep’s Milk and just two from Buffalo’s Milk.  Some cheesemakers make cheeses from more than one animal eg Cashel from Cow (Cashel Blue) and Sheep’s Milk (Crozier Blue and Shepherds Store), Killeen makes cheeses both from Cow and Goat’s Milk; but most cheesemakers will specialise. Many make their cheese exclusively from their own milk, others will add the milk of their neighbours and other farms.

The list of cheesemakers not only gives their contact details, but it also gives information on the number and styles of cheese they produce.  A table of cheesemakers is at the bottom of this page.

To download a list of cheesemakers as a pdf file click here Irish Cheesemakers List

The Map of Irish Cheesemakers show them scattered across the country though with a major concentration in County Cork.  In fact one third of the artisan dairies producing cow’s milk cheeses are in County Cork.  By contrast above a line North from Dublin there are only 15 artisan cheesemakers, less than 20% of the total.    Map Irish Cheesemakers

Table of Irish Cheesemakers

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IndexCheesemakerCountyAnimalMilkTextureNo of Cheeses: TypeStyleSalesMore Information - Website etcPhoneEmailEircodeAddressNote
1Anna's DairyKildareGoatPasteurised, VegSoft2 CheesesSoft GoatsDelivers, local shopsFB: Anna's Dairy085 104 7974annasdairyproducts@gmail.comW91 Y564Carbury. Co KildareMicro local producer.
2Aran Islands Goats CheeseGalwayGoatPasteurisedSoft, Hard5 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGouda, Brie, FetaFarm shops, local and national retalierswww.arangoatcheese.com087 222 6776biaarann@gmail.comH91 TX32Lo Road. Oughil, Aran Islands. Co Galway.
3Ardsallagh Goat ProductsCorkGoatPasteurised, VegSoft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard, Hard10 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked, FlavouredRyefield, CrottinFarmMarkets, local/natretailers, www.neighbourfood.iewww.ardsallaghgoats.ie021 4882336enquiries@ardsallaghgoats.ieT45 PR80Featherstones, Woodstock, Carrigtwohill. Co Cork.
4Ballinrostig HomesteadCorkCowPasteurised, OrganicSemi-Soft, Semi-Hard11 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked & FlavouredGouda, Feta, HalloumiFarmMarkets, local retailers/restaurantswww.ballinrostighomestead.com087 277 3141Ballinrostighomestead@gmail.comP25 PE00Ballinrostig, Whitegate. Co Cork.
5Bally Goats CheeseLimerickGoatPasteurised, VegSoft3 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredNorthern Italian StyleFarmMarkets, local retailers/restaurants, Pallas FoodsFB: Bally Goat Farm087 266 0600leahyfarmfoods@gmail.comV42 HN44Leahy Farmhouse Foods, Bally Goat Farm, Ballyquirke, Newcastle West. Co LimerickNew small producer
6Ballyhubbock FarmWicklowSheepPasteurised, VegSemi-Soft1 CheeseHalloumiFarmMarkets, retailers Supevalu/restaurants, sheridansFB: Ballyhubbock Farm086 872 3256ballyhubbockfarm@gmail.comW91 XP77Ballyhubbock Farm, Ballyhubbock House, Stratford on Slaney, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow.
7Ballylisk of ArmaghArmaghCowPasteurised, Veg, Mould RindSoft2 CheesesBrillat-SavarinOnline Shop, retailerswww.ballyliskofarmagh.com079 201 87222info@ballyliskofarmagh.comBT62 3EHUnit 12B Mahon Road, Portadown. Co Armagh. BT62 3EH.
8Beal Organic Cheese LtdKerryCowRaw, Veg, OrganicHard1 CheeseCheddarRetailers, Farmshop soonwww.beal.ie08682 39582info@beal.ieV31 XA66Beal Lodge, Asdee, Listowel. Co. Kerry.
9Bellingham BlueLouthCowRaw, VegSemi-Hard2 Cheeses: BlueBleu d’AuvergneFarmMarkets, retailers, restaurantswww.bellingham.ie042 9372343info@bellingham.ieA91 HW54Mansfieldstown, Castlebellingham. Co Louth.
10Bluebell FallsCorkGoatPasteurised, VegSoft5 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredRyefieldRetailers, food service eg Pallas Foodswww.bluebellfalls.com063 72999info@bluebellfalls.comP56 DN25Ballinakill East, Newtownshandrum, Charleville. Co Cork. P56 DN25.
11Bo Rua FarmCorkCowPasteurised, VegSemi-Soft, Hard4 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredCheddar, ReblochonOnline Shop, retailerswww.boruafarm.ie0868 385547Info@boruafarm.ieP51 HYH6Ballyknock, Ballynoe, Fermoy. Co Cork. P51 HYH6..
12Boyne PasturesMeathSheepPasteurised, VegSoft, Semi-Hard3 Cheeses: Plain & BlueFetaSeasonal - phone for details041 9824588041 9824588mdesmondcrinion@gmail.comCruicetown, Stackallen, Slane. Co MeathMicro local producer.
13Boyne Valley Blue CheeseMeathGoatPasteurised, Veg, Mould RindSemi-Hard2 Cheeses: BlueBleu D'AuvergneRetailers, onlineFB: Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese086 384 4162boynevalleygoatfarm@gmail.comC15RH32Mullagha Farm, Slane. Co Meath. C15RH32.
14Burren Gold (Aillwee Cave)ClareCowRawHard6 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked & FlavouredGoudaOnline, Farmshop currently closedwww.aillweecave.ie065 707 7036info@aillweecave.ieH91 AX26Aillwee Cave, Ballyvaughan. Co Clare.
15Cahills Farm CheeseLimerickCowPasteurisedSemi-Hard8 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredCheddarLocal and National Retailerswww.cahillscheese.ie069 62365info@cahillscheese.ieV42 K300Cloonyscrehane, Newcastle West. Co Limerick.
16Cais na TireTipperarySheepPasteurisedSemi-Hard, Hard4 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoudaRetailers and online via Tescos, Pallas, Sheridanswww.caisnatire.ie0872 274789caisnatire@gmail.comE45 F785Cloninaha, Terryglass. Co Tipperary.
17Carlow Farmhouse CheeseCarlowCow Goat SheepPasteurised/RawSoft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard, Hard15 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredEdam, Tomme, ItalianOnline Shop, retailerswww.carlowfarmhousecheese.com059 972 7382carlowfarmhousecheese@gmail.comR21 XA43Ballybrommell, Fenagh. Co Carlow
18Carrig Foods LtdCorkCowPasteurised, VegHard1 CheeseCheddarVery local distribution eg Corkwww.ardsallaghgoats.ie021 488 2338.enquiries@ardsallaghgoats.ieT45 PR80Featherstones, Carrig Foods, Woodstock, Carrigtwohill, Co CorkMicro local producer.
19Carrigaline Farmhouse CheeseCorkCowPasteurised, Veg, Washed RindSemi-Hard7 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked & FlavouredYoung Gouda, Havarti, Edam, etcRetailers, Online (Tescos Supervalu Baskets Galore) Douglas Market Corkcarrigcheese@gmail.com021 4372856carrigalinefarmhousecheese@eircom.netP43 HT66The Rock, Carrigaline. Co Cork.
20Cashel Farmhouse CheesemakersTipperaryCow SheepPasteurised, Veg, Organic (sheep)Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard4 Cheeses: Blue, PlainFourme d’Ambert, EuropeanOnline shop, Retailers, farmshop temp closedwww.cashelblue.com052 6131151info@cashelblue.comE91 D402Beechmount, Foulkstown, Fethard. Co Tipperary
21CastlefarmKildareCowRawHard3 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoudaFarmshopwww.castlefarmshop.ie087 6785269castlefarmshop@gmail.comR14 XA70Old Grange, Narraghmore, Athy. Co KildareSmall, local producer.
22Cleire Goats CheeseCorkGoatRaw, VegSoft1 CheeseCurd, CottageBuy from farmFB: Cleire Goats028 39126goat@iol.ieP81 P793Lissamona, Cape Clear Island, Skibbereen. Co CorkMicro local producer.
23Clonmore CheeseCorkCow GoatPasteurised/Raw, VegHard2 CheesesGoudaFarmers markets, Retailers eg Sheridans etcFB: Clonmore Cheese063 704 90clonmorecheese@gmail.comP56 VF64Newtown, Charleville. Co Cork
24Cloonconra CheeseRoscommonCowRaw, Veg, OrganicSoft, Hard2 CheesesRobiolaFarmers markets, Retailers eg Sheridans etcFB: Cloonconra Cheese087 612 7855cloonconracheese@gmail.comF45 WF40Clooncoundra, Castlerea. Co Roscommon.
25Coolattin CheddarWicklowCowRawHard4 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedCheddarOnline, Farmers markets, Delis, Cheesemongers, Tesco, Restaurantswww.coolattincheddar.ie086 3894482coolattincheddar16@gmail.comR93 W2V8Knockeen House, Knockeen, Coolkenno, Shillelagh. Co Wicklow.
26Coolea Farmhouse CheeseCorkCowPasteurisedHard5 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoudaFarmers markets, Retailers eg Sheridans etcwww.cooleacheese.com026 45204info@cooleacheese.comP12 AC64Mileens, Coolea, Macroom. Co Cork.
27Cooleeney FarmTipperaryCow GoatPast/Raw, Veg, Mould/Washed RindSoft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard16 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked, FlavouredCamembert, FetaFarmers markets, Retailers eg Sheridans, Supervalu etcwww.cooleeney.com050 445112info@cooleeney.comE41 XY64Cooleeney, Moyne, Thurles. Co Tipperary. E41XY64
28Corleggy CheeseCavanCow Goat SheepRaw, Veg, Mould RindSoft, Hard11 Cheese: Plain, Smoked, & FlavouredBrie, CamembertOnline, FarmShop, Retailerswww.corleggycheeses.ie049 952 2930info@corleggycheeses.ieH14 Y288Belturbet. Co Cavan
29Cratloe Hills CheeseClareSheepPasteurised, VegSemi-Hard, Hard2 CheesesOwn StyleOnline shop, Retailers eg Supervaluwww.cratloecheese.com061 357185cratloecheese@gmail.comV95 CF58Brickhill House West, Cratloe. Co Clare
30Dart Mountain CheeseDerryCow GoatPasteurised, Animal/Veg, Mould RindSoft, Semi-Hard, Hard8 Cheeses: Plain & BlueVarious, Chevre etcOnline, Shop, Farmers Marketswww.dartmountaincheese.com077 7958 0542info@dartmountaincheese.comBT47 4DN26 Tamnagh Rd, Claudy, Derry. Co Derry. BT47 4DN
31Derg Farmhouse Cheese LtdTipperaryCowRawHard2 CheesesCheddarRetailers nationallywww.dergfarmhousecheese.ie086 2431615info@dergfarmhousecheese.ieE45 AH98Garranmore, Newtown, Nenagh. Co Tipperary.
32Derreenaclaurig CheeseKerryCowRawHard1 CheeseGoudaFarmers Markets064 664 5330064 664 5330harryzanden@gmail.comV93 F206Derreenaclaurig, Sneem. Co Kerry.
33Dingle Farmhouse Products Ltd.KerryCowPasteurised, VegSoft, Semi-Hard6 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredCream CheeseFrom FarmFB: Dingle Farm087 6483018dinglefarmhouse@eircom.netV92 XHC9Baile Ghainin Beag, Ballydavid, Tralee. Co Kerry.
34Dingle Goat's CheeseKerryGoatPasteurised, VegSoft1 CheeseSoftLocal Shops Bensons, restaurants etc, will deliverFB: Dingle Goat's Cheese087 745 3370angela@dinglegoatscheese.ieV92 XT67Lack , Inch, Annascaul, Co. Kerry.
35Dizzy Goat FarmsKilkennyGoatPasteurised, VegSoft1 CheeseSoftFarmshopFB: Dizzy Goat Farms0892 186927dizzygoatfarms@gmail.comR95 H5N7Stonyford, Kilkeasy, Kilkenny. Co Kilkenny.
36Donegal Farmhouse Cheese LtdDonegalCowPasteurised, VegHard2 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredCheddarOnline, Local Shops, Restaurants etcwww.donegalfarmhousecheese.ie087 698 2217donegalfarmhousecheese@gmail.comF94 WN63Kille, Killcar, Co DonegalNew small local producer
37Dozio CheeseMayoCowPasteurisedSoft, Semi-Hard, Hard7 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredSwiss AlpineOrder by email, retail, restaurantswww.doziocheese.ie086 242 1610doziocheese@gmail.comF45 N971Barroe, Carracastle, Ballaghaderreen. Co Mayo.
38Durrus Cheese LtdCorkCowPast/RawSemi-Soft6 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedTommeOnline, Farmshop closed, retailers, message via FB/Twitterwww.durruscheese.com027 PN81Coomkeen, Durrus, Co Cork.
39Fermoy Natural Cheese CompanyCorkCowRaw, Organic, Washed RindSoft, Semi-Hard, Hard12 Cheeses: Plain, Blue & FlavouredVariousRetailersFB: Fermoy Natural Cheese Company087 253 3108frank.aboveorganic@yahoo.comP61 AW90Strawhall, Fermoy. Co Cork.
40Galway Goat FarmGalwayGoatPasteurised, Mould RindSoft, Semi-Soft5 CheesesSoft GoatLocal retailers, FarmMarkets, restaurantswww.galwaygoatcheese.ie08625 31997galwaygoatfarm@gmail.comH54 XY19An Teach Tui, Gurteen, Dunmore. Co Galway.
41Glenilen Farm LtdCorkCowPasteurised, VegSoft1 CheeseQuarkSupervalu and Centra Storeswww.glenilenfarm.com028 31179val@glenilenfarm.comP47 V821Gurteeniher, Drimoleague. Co Cork.
42Gubbeen Dairy LtdCorkCowPasteurised, Washed RindSemi-Soft4 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedTomme FermierOnlineShop, FarmMarkets, national retailers, wholesalerswww.gubbeen.com028 28231cheese@gubbeen.comP81 W965Gubbeen House, Schull. Co Cork.
43Hegarty’s CheddarCorkCowPast/RawHard3 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedCheddar, GruyereOnlineShop, FarmMarkets, some national retailerswww.hegartycheese.ie021 4884238whitechurchfoods@eircom.netT34 X339Church Road, Whitechurch. Co Cork.
44Kells Bay CheeseKerryCowPasteurised, VegSemi-Hard4 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredSwiss influencedSupermarket retail & gourmet food outlets in Kerrywww.kellsbaycheese.ie087 6845949info@kellsbaycheese.ieV23 XY72Tobarnora, Kells Bay, Cahersiveen. Co KerryRel New Small producer
45Killeen Farmhouse CheeseGalwayCow GoatPasteurised/RawSemi-Soft, Hard11 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGouda, Cheddar, EmmentalFarmMarkets, local Supervalu, Dunnes, Tesco, specialistswww.Killeencheese.ie0909 741319Killeen.cheese@gmail.comH53 K068Loughanroe East, Ballyshrule, Portumna. Co Galway
46Knockalara Farmhouse CheeseWaterfordSheepPasteurised, VegSoft, Semi-Hard, Hard5 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredSoft, Tomme FraicheFarmMarkets, local www.neighbourfood.ieFB: Knockalara Farmhouse Cheese024 96326knockalara@gmail.comP51 FE02Cappoquin, Co Waterford
47Knockanore Farmhouse CheeseWaterfordCowPasteurised/Raw, VegHard8 Cheeses: Plain, Smoked & FlavouredCheddarOnlineShop, Select Dunnes and Supevalu, some national retailerswww.knockanorecheese.com024 97275info@knockanorecheese.comP51 A525Ballyneety, Knockanore. Co Waterford
48Knockatee Natural DairyKerryCow BuffaloRawSemi-Soft, Semi-Hard, Hard6 Cheeses: Plain, Blue & FlavouredCheddar, Gouda, StiltonLocal outlets, online shop comingwww.knd.ie0870 539451info@knd.ieV93 H211Ardea West, Tuosist, Co Kerry
49Knockdrinna Farmhouse CheeseKilkennyCow Goat SheepPasteurised, Veg, Mould/Wash RindSoft, Semi-Hard6 CheesesCaerphilly, Feta etcOnlineShop, Farmshopwww.knockdrinna.com056 772 8886orders@knockdrinna.comR95 DWC6Main Street, Stoneyford. Co Kilkenny
50Kylemore Farmhouse CheeseGalwayCowPasteurised, Veg, Washed RindSemi-Hard3 CheesesAlpineOnlineShopwww.kylemorefarmhousecheese.com0838 455 272kylemorefarmhousecheese@gmail.comH62 AP84Kylemore Farmhouse, Kylemore, Abbey, Loughrea. Co Galway.
51Macroom Buffalo CheeseCorkBuffaloPast/RawSoft, Semi-Soft4 CheesesItalianFarmMarkets, Tesco, Aldi, Dunnes , Supervaluwww.macroombuffalocheese.com026 41907macroombuffalomozzarella@gmail.comP12 EV90Clonclud, Kilnamartyra, Macroom. Co Cork.
52McCarthys Natural DairyCorkCowPasteurised, VegSoft2 CheesesLabneh, PaneerFarmMarketsFB: McCarthy's Natural Dairy0863 001106mccarthysnaturaldairy@gmail.comClohina, Kilnamartyra, Macroom. Co Cork.
53Meadowfield FarmWexfordGoatPasteurised, VegSoft1 CheeseSoftSupervalu, restaurantsFB: Meadowfield Farm087 298 0950enquiry.meadowfield@gmail.comY21 E330Meadowfield, Wexford.
54Mike's Fancy CheeseDownCowRawSemi-Soft1 Cheese: BlueStiltonOwn Cheese Shop, also delivers, National Retailerswww.mfcheese.com077 945 70420info@mfcheese.comBT23 4YHUnit E1 Ards Business Centre, Strangford Park, 19 Jubilee Road, Newtownards. BT23 4YH.
55Milleens CheeseCorkCowPasteurised, Washed RindSemi-Soft6 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedMuensterOnline Shop, Message for orders, National Retailers, Tesco etcwww.milleenscheese.com086 210 5267info@milleenscheese.comP75 FN52Eyeries, Beara. Co Cork.
56Minas Cheese Irelands HomemadeCorkCowRaw, VegSoft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard4 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredMinas CheeseCurrently not producing, message for detailsInst:minascheese.ie083876 9239Heverton@live.comT23 EEC3Cork City CentreMicro local producer.
57Mossfield Organic FarmOffalyCowPasteurised, Veg, OrganicSemi-Hard, Hard6 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoudaStockists on website, supervalu etcwww.mossfield.ie057 913 1002info@mossfield.ieR42 TW74Mossfield House, Clareen, Birr. Co Offaly.
58O'Briens Farmhouse CheeseLimerickCowPasteurised, VegSoft, Hard5 CheesesCheddarNational Retailerswww.obrienscheese.com069 82133obrienscheese@gmail.comV94 VK6RHazel Cottage Farm, Tinnakilla, Ballyhahill. Co Limerick.
59Old MacDonnell’s FarmWicklowGoatPasteurised, VegSoft7 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGreek styleSee Website, Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu etc, online via Soul Biawww.oldmacdonnellsfarm.ie012 829707oldmacdonnellsfarm@eircom.netA98 CX94Glen of the Downs, Bray. Co Wicklow.
60Once upon a CheeseKerryCowPast/Raw, Animal/VegSoft, Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard8 CheesesItalianOrder by phone, FarmMarkets, Garvey Supervaluwww.onceuponacheese.com087 398 1691max.baga@hotmail.itV92 KX54Market place, 1st floor, Tralee, Co Kerry.
61Sabanero Artisan CheeseGalwayCowPasteurised, VegSemi-Hard, Hard2 CheesesVenezuelan StyleOnline Shop and local retailerswww.sabanerocheese.com0894 417266sabanero_cheese@outlook.comH91 FP20Unit 4 Westside Enterprise Centre, Bothar Le Cheile, Westside, Galway. Co Galway.Small, local producer.
62Saoirse Goat's CheeseMeathGoatPasteurised, VegSemi-Soft2 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredSoft GoatsContact directlyFB: Sean OBriain Seanchrois Collies086 3760851bawnowlaig@eircom.netP12 VK88Seanchrois, Dromanallig, Ballingeary, Macroom, Co. CorkMicro Not current producing.
63Sheridans CheesemongersMeathCowRaw, VegHard1 CheeseCheddarSheridan Outlets in major cities across the countrywww.sheridanscheesemongers.com046 9245110info@sheridans.ieA82 K400Old Virginia Road, Pottlereagh, Carnacross, Co. Meath.
64Springfield Organic FarmMayoSheepRaw, OrganicSoft, Hard4 Cheeses: Plain, Blue & FlavouredVariousFarmMarkets, contact directly0860 5567100860 556710springfieldorganicfarm@gmail.comF26 KC80Ballybeg, Kincon, Ballina. Co Mayo. F26KC80Small, local producer.
65St Tola Goat CheeseClareGoatPast/RawSoft, Semi-Soft, Hard10 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoatsOnline Shop, FarmMarkets, Shops see 683 6633info@st-tola.ieV95 XA9CSt Tola Goat Farm, Gortbofearna, Maurice Mills, Ennistymon. Co Clare. V95 XA9C.
66Sunview GoatsCorkGoatRaw, VegSoft1 CheeseSoftFarmMarkets, Hotels, Cafes, Health Food Shops026 46967026 46967N/AP12 XR77Sunview Farm, Tarelton. Co CorkSmall, local producer.
67The Blues CreameryTipperaryCow Goat SheepRaw, VegSemi-Soft, Semi-Hard12 Cheeses: Plain, Blue, Flavoured, SmokedBlue etcFarmMarkets, contact 914935thebluescreamery@gmail.comE34 PF7557 O'Brien Street, Tipperary. Co Tipperary
68The Little Milk CompanyWaterfordCowPast/RawSoft, Semi-Soft, Hard10 Cheeses: Plain, Blue & FlavouredVariousSupervalu, Tesco, Dunnes etcwww.thelittlemilkcompany.ie058 68555organic@thelittlemilkcompany.ieX35 Y670Barranastook House, Cappagh, Dungarvan. Co Waterford.
69Toons Bridge DairyCorkCowPast/RawSoft, Semi-Soft, Hard16 Cheeses: Plain & SmokedItalianOnline Shop, Shop/Pizzaria, FarmMarketswww.toonsbridgedairy.com026 41471admin@toonsbridgedairy.comP12 W864Toonsbridge, Kilbarry, Macroom. Co Cork.
70Velvet Cloud (Rockfield Dairy)MayoSheepPasteurisedSemi-Hard1 CheeseOssau-IratyOnline Shop, Cheese ready in Summerwww.velvetcloud.ie087 6390841michael@rockfielddairy.comF12 XK66Rockfield Dairy, Rockfield, Claremorris. Co MayoSheep Milk/Cheese Seasonal
71Wicklow Farmhouse CheeseWicklowCowPasteurised, VegSoft, Hard9 Cheeses: Plain, Blue, Smoked & FlavouredVariousTesco, Dunnes, Supervalu - See websitewww.wicklowfarmhousecheese.ie040 291713wfcheese@eircom.netY14 P940Curranstown, Arklow. Co Wicklow.
72Wilma's Killorglin Farmhouse CheeseKerryCowPasteurisedHard7 Cheeses: Plain & FlavouredGoudaOwn Shop in KillorginFB: Wilma Silvius066 976 1402killorglincheese@eircom.netV93 V8CPArdmoniel, Killorglin. Co Kerry.
73Bandon Vale Cheese LtdLarge Scale CreameryGlandor, Cheddar, Mozzarella etc.www.bandoncoop.ie023 8843334info@bandonvale.ieP72 YW32Laragh Industrial Estate, Bandon. Co CorkRetail and/or Food Service
74Carbery GroupLarge Scale CreameryDubliner, Cheddar, Mozzarella etc.www.carbery.com023 8822200info@carbery.comP47 YW77Carbery, Ballineen, Co Cork, IrelandRetail and/or Food Service
75Compsey Creamery Society LtdLarge Scale CreameryFull/Low Fat Cream Cheese etc.www.compsey.ie052 91 53917compsey@mull-coop.ieE41 YV05Mullinahone, Thurles, Co TipperaryRetail and/or Food Service
76Dairygold Co-Operative SocietyLarge Scale CreameryImokilly Regato, Mallo, Cheddar etc.www.dairygold.ie025 24411info@dairygold.ieP67 DD36Clonmel Road, Mitchelstown. Co CorkRetail and/or Food Service
77Dale FarmLarge Scale CreameryDromona Cheddar, Cottage Cheese 372 9LS15 Dargan Road, Belfast, BT3 9LSRetail and/or Food Service
78Dansko Foods LtdLarge Scale CreameryCheddar, Speciality Cheeses.www.danskofoods.com063 98571info@danskofoods.ieV35 N298Sarsfield Street, Kilmallock. Co LimerickRetail and/or Food Service
79Glanbia IrelandLarge Scale CreameryKilmeaden/Wexford Cheddars, Mozzarella.www.glanbia.com056 777 2200ir@glanbia.comR95 E866Glanbia House, Ring Road, Kilkenny, R95 E866Retail and/or Food Service
80Green Pastures (Yeats Country Foods)Large Scale CreameryYeats Country Cream Cheese.www.yeatscountryfoods.com074 914 7193info@yeatscountryfoods.comF93 P230Green Pastures, Creamery Road, Townparks, Convoy. Co DonegalRetail and/or Food Service
81HL Commodity Foods (MFG) LtdLarge Scale CreameryCheddar, Speciality Cheeses.www.hlcf.ie061 383801info@hlcf.ieV35 YP82Emly Road, Barrysfarm, Hospital. Co LimerickRetail and/or Food Service
82Old Irish CreameryLarge Scale CreameryFlavoured Cheddarswww.oldirishcreamery.com063 71209jodfoodproducts@eircom.netV35 DN20Effin Creamery, Effin, Kilmallock. Co LimerickRetail and/or Food Service
83Kerry Foods CharlevilleLarge Scale CreameryCharleville, Coleraine, LowLow Cheeses.www.kerrygroup.com066 7182000enquiries@kerry.ieV92 EH11Prince’s Street, Tralee, Co Kerry. V92 EH11Retail and/or Food Service
84The Tipperary Cheese Company LtdLarge Scale CreameryCream Cheese.www.hayesfarm.ie050 444325marketing@tippcheese.ieE41 TX25Middlepiece, Two Mile Borris, Thurles. Co TipperaryRetail and/or Food Service
85Tine Ireland (Jarlsberg)Large Scale 75663080tineirelandinfo@tine.noP25 R7W6TINE Ireland Mogeely, Co. Cork.Retail and/or Food Service
86Tipperary Co-operative Creamery LTDLarge Scale CreameryCheddar, Emmental.www.tipperary-coop.ie062 33111info@tipperary-coop.ieE34 T671Station Road, Tipperary Town. Co TipperaryRetail and/or Food Service

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