Where Is My Nearest Cheesemaker?

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Click on the box symbol in the top right hand corner of the map below to show an enlarged map on a new page.  The map will allow you to enter your location to find your nearest cheesemaker.  See below for further information.

Icons differentiate between makers of Cow’s, Goat’s, Sheep’s and Buffalo cheese.  Clicking on an icon will give not only contact details but further details of the cheeses that the cheesemaker produces such as style, raw milk or pasteurised, vegetarian or traditional (animal) rennet etc.

There is also a scroll down list to the left side of the map which lists in turn all the cheesemakers making cow’s milk cheese, then those making goat’s, then sheep’s and finally buffalo cheese.  The Map includes for completeness the larger scale cheesemakers as well.

The Map of Irish Cheesemakers shows them scattered across the country though with a major concentration in County Cork.  In fact one third of the artisan dairies producing cow’s milk cheese are in County Cork.  By contrast in a line North from Dublin there are only 15 artisan cheesemakers, less than 20% of the total.